Second Floor Hardware School presents

Folk Festival:
A Festival for Folks

Friday, Aug. 26th - Friday, Sept. 23rd
Havenly, 25 Temple St, New Haven

This year’s 2FHS Folk Festival is the first public event under the new name for Kulimushi and Jisu’s art duo: the Second Floor Hardware School. Please email jisusheen at or kuli.baro at if you would like to participate!

We are doing this because we wanted to make a festival celebrating folk traditions and spirit from multiple cultures. Folk art and music are extraordinary because they arise from the people, with the tools that are available around them. Often, we find that folk music from completely different regions share similar sounds. This is something we would like to explore.

Also: many folk environments are pretty white. We would like to de-center whiteness and help people expand their concept of a folk festival by focusing on folk that is relevant to us and our surroundings.

We plan to run the festival for one month starting August 26th, open all weeknights. The venue we are working with, Havenly, operates as a cafe in the daytime, so we will roll all material elements of the show up to the ceiling while the cafe operates as usual for the day. Then, when the evening comes, we will transform the space back into the 2FHS Folk Festival.

The Folk Festival is an event not just for display, but for continuous creation of work. Our setup will have interchangeable elements, and our hope is that by the end of month-long stay, most of the pieces will be works that were started at the Folk Festival itself.

We will have plenty of materials and tools available for any artist (whether you currently consider yourself an artist or not) to simply walk in and begin working with. And we invite any materials, instruments, skills, and stories you would like to share.

We will have an opening event and closing event with a more structured schedule. And once we have a list of artists who would like to collaborate, we will loosely curate each week's offerings to put together combinations that seem interesting, thematically related, or completely different in a beautiful way.

Ways to participate:
Material art.

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